Join The America Project and Tom Homan for the first-ever solutions-oriented border events.

Learn about how to take action on Fentanyl Deaths, Child Sex and Human Trafficking, and Border Security.

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Child Safety

A child can be sold for sex trafficking 20-30 Times Per Day.

Fentanyl Poisoning

107,375 Americans died in 2022 from Fentanyl Poisoning.

Border Invasion

Migrants from over 170 countries are illegally crossing America’s borders.

The America Project and our Nation NEEDS your help and support to save lives – Save Humanity. We are asking for parents, teachers, local business owners, community leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, active-duty military veterans, and all those passionate about the safety of our children, Americans and those affected by illegal immigration and cartels, to join in The America Project’s Border 911 events.


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Please join us as we take this historic step to protect our state, our country, our freedoms, and our beloved U.S. Constitution.

While politicians and pundits opine, argue, and deflect blame over issues related to national security, state sovereignty and illegal immigration, we are convening the first-ever solutions-oriented event.

“We the People have the power, opportunity, and responsibility to secure our borders. It can be done.”

Many of our federal and state leaders lack the political will to secure the border. They’ve forsaken their duty to defend the U.S. Constitution from threats both foreign and domestic. They’ve not only failed to secure the United States’ borders, but the current administration has opened them to millions of people, inviting illegal migrants to cross our borders from over 170 countries. This has led to known terrorists and violent criminals illegally entering the U.S. evading law enforcement who now live in our neighborhoods committing crimes.
The U.S. Constitution calls for a common defense of Life, Liberty, and Property. Due to the lawlessness of the current administration, Americans’ lives, liberty, and property are threatened daily by an invasion that is occurring first at our southern border and in our major cities. It’s not just Texans’ lives that are at risk, it’s also American’s lives. Every state is a border state—invaded by transnational criminal organizations that are willing to stop at nothing to traffic people and deadly drugs into the U.S.

It is imperative that we come together as American Citizens to bring awareness to the deteriorating state of our nation, our communities, and our borders including:

  • Fentanyl poisoning deaths
  • Child and Human sex trafficking
  • Lawsuits filed by The America Project on behalf of citizens against Joseph Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas to secure our borders and save lives – all lives.
  • Educating the American people about border invasions and how it affects your communities.

Learn what actions you can take to effect real change to save our communities.

Discover what is really happening at our Nation’s borders and on our soil.

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Border911 Speakers

All Speakers

All Speakers


Forrest McLean proudly serves as President at The America Project. Mr. McLean is a retired 25-year-

All Speakers


Prior to assuming the CEO position at TAP, Tom Homan was appointed by President Donald J. Trump as t

All Speakers


Dr. Patrick Byrne is a true American Patriot and the embodiment of the American Dream. He is the Fou

Border 911 speakers include advisors:

  • Tom Homan (former Acting Director of ICE and border expert)
  • Victor Avila (retired Special Agent with expertise in child and human sex trafficking and cartel activities)
  • Jaeson Jones (former Captain with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counter-terrorism Division)

Speakers and guests will lead you through shocking, true stories about what is really happening at our borders, as well as in cities and states throughout the nation and how Every State is a Border State.


Find an Event Coming to a City Near You

Upcoming Events

Please help The America Project carry out this important humanitarian mission to save humanity.

The United States is in crisis like no other than we’ve seen in generations. There are now more deaths from fentanyl poisoning each month than 911 in 2021. We OWE IT to our friends, family, and communities to educate Americans on the REAL issues caused by illegal immigration.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Please join The America Project to help us educate communities on how to save children and others from sex trafficking, stop murders of our citizens from fentanyl poisoning, criminal acts, and cartel activity in YOUR state and in YOUR community.

Join The America Project at a Border 911 Event Near You to Help Create a Solution to Secure and Protect the Border to Save Lives.

Find an Event Coming to a City Near You

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If you are not unable to donate, please join our social media platforms to keep in touch with us. You may also contact us at to learn how you can become involved in your community today. We need your help any way you are willing and able.