Election Integrity

Election Integrity

We hope that patriots around the country who are concerned about the integrity of our elections will rise up and contribute to the cause. We believe the American public deserves to know the facts, whatever they ultimately are, about what took place in their local election during the 2020 elections.

The American public deserves the truth, whatever it is! Ensuring an inspection is completed is the first step.

Paper Ballot Inspection

A full count of the ballots, including scanning and visual inspection of all ballots.

Voter Registration Canvassing

Confirm that those who show as voted in the voter rolls is an accurate representation of who voted.

Inspect The Machines

An inspection of the Election Management System (EMS) Servers, EMS Clients, precinct tabulators, and adjudication machine-blocks including all storage media.

Adjudication Process Inspection

Confirm that adjudicated ballots were correctly adjudicated and if anomalies occurred to increase ballots that needed to be adjudicated.

Maricopa County Audit Report

The Arizona Senate’s audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election results was the most detailed and comprehensive election audit in American history. The audit exposed severe election fraud that resulted in mass voter suppression, and clearly shows that the Arizona election results should not have been certified. The audit also revealed major corruption and criminal activity. Specifically, the audit identified county election officials and others who committed state and federal election-related crimes, including the deletion of over a million election records.