Holly Meade and The Liberty Council

Welcome to an Exclusive Interview!  Join us at Volt Your Vision for a groundbreaking video
featuring Bernadette Smith in conversation with Holly Mead, the Vice President of Media at
Liberty Counsel. Holly brings a wealth of experience and insights from her role at Liberty
Counsel, a nonprofit Christian legal organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the
sanctity of human life, and the family and marriage.

Why Watch?  In this compelling interview, Holly shares:

  • The Mission of Liberty Counsel: Discover how this organization champions critical
    issues through legal advocacy.
  • Victories in Religious Freedom: Hear about their landmark win at the U.S. Supreme
    Court in 2022, securing a 9-0 victory for the Christian flag, and other significant cases
    like Coach Kennedy’s victory that advanced religious freedom.
  • Defending Family and Marriage: Learn about their successes in protecting Christian
    counselors’ rights to help children struggling with gender confusion, and their relentless
    fight against unjust laws.
  • Sanctity of Human Life: Understand their pivotal role in the Dobbs case that overturned
    Roe v. Wade, and their ongoing efforts to protect unborn children.

Why It Matters:  This interview is not just about legal victories; it’s about the power of
persistence, standing up for what’s right, and the impact of individual courage. Holly’s stories of
resilience and unwavering commitment are sure to inspire you to stay focused and persistent in
your own battles.

Watch Now and Be Inspired:  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and be
motivated by the remarkable achievements of Liberty Counsel and the unwavering dedication of
its team.