Kristina Morros

Join Jason Ickes of The America Project, your trusted election advocate, in an eye-opening conversation with Kristina from the FLCC. Learn about the groundbreaking efforts of this nonprofit organization that began their mission during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

What’s Inside:
• The FLCC’s early treatment strategies using repurposed drugs.
• Overcoming censorship and advocating for life-saving therapies.
• Expanding beyond COVID to address long COVID and post-vaccine injury.
• The real story behind MRNA and its impact.

Discover the symptoms of long COVID, including chronic fatigue, neurological issues, and more. Hear firsthand accounts of the challenges faced by many, from athletes to pilots, and the vital work being done to help them heal.

Special Highlight:
• The dramatic story of a young helicopter pilot’s life-saving ordeal.

Don’t miss this compelling discussion that sheds light on crucial health issues and the fight for effective treatment.

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