The America Project is an America First non-profit organization defending rights and freedoms, election victory, and border security to save America.

At America Project, we believe in, will stand up for and protect:


Every person is born free. It is the birthright of every human being to live, think speak, and act according to their own conscience, without interference or coercion from any person or government.

In America, human freedom is recognized as a birthright and protected by law. The systematic protection of individual rights through the U.S. Constitution has yielded the most free, just, and prosperous society ever known to man.

American Values

America is an exceptional nation, built on exceptional values. These American values are foundation of the most free and prosperous society ever known.

To reattain and secure freedom in America, we must embrace our core values, such as duty, courage, strength, equality, faith, family, honor, humanity, independence, justice, truth.

Patriot Network

You can now be part of the network where you can find like minded individuals, businesses, and organizations. You can access our content, stay informed about current news on freedom and integrity efforts, as well as contribute yourself.

The America Project's mission is to harness and activate the power of the American spirit, by building a support network of and for pro-freedom organizations, businesses, and individuals to empower and embolden them to stand up for America.

Our Focus

Our Mission

The mission is to empower the American people to preserve our constitutional republic and defeat tyranny. We aim to be a “symphony conductor” of the Pro-Freedom, Pro-Constitutional movement, synchronizing and magnifying the efforts of those who wish to ally with us through connecting, training, funding, and working together to save America.

Together we can save our Constitutional Republic