Betrayed by Her Own Country

Watch Brianna Cespedes, a former Air Force member, share her compelling story of standing up for her religious beliefs in the face of adversity.
Join Brianna Cespedes as she recounts her experience with the military’s vaccine mandate and the repercussions she faced for standing by her convictions. As a broadcast journalist stationed in Korea, Brianna found herself at odds with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Despite thorough research and personal convictions, her religious exemption request was met with denial, leading to a series of unjust punishments and isolation.
Brianna’s story sheds light on the struggles faced by service members who choose to assert their rights and beliefs. From enduring prolonged periods of quarantine in foreign countries to facing coercion and discrimination within her command, Brianna’s journey exposes the flaws in military policy and the dangers associated with blindly enforcing vaccine mandates.
Don’t miss this eye-opening testimony of resilience and conviction. Watch Brianna Cespedes’s story now.