In a world where truth is under attack, where the very essence of democracy hangs in the balance. Evidence of a rigged election is surfacing, shaking the foundations of our electoral process!!!But when brave individuals step forward to expose the truth. They face intimidation, suppression, and relentless attacks from those who seek to silence them!!
Stephanie Lamber says, “They tried to silence me once, but I won’t back down! I have the evidence, and I will fight for justice!”
Now, as the battle for truth rages on, Stephanie Lambert finds herself once again in the crosshairs of injustice Narrator: Will she face another surprise arrest? Will justice prevail, or will the forces of corruption triumph? Stand. Fight. Expose. #JusticeForLambert” Join the fight for truth! Watch the full story and stand with Stephanie Lambert as she battles for justice!
Join Patrick Byrne as he exposes the injustice and flailing Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel preposterous ploy to imprison anyone who speaks the or stands Democracy. This eye opening.