Matt Meck

Join us for an insightful video featuring Rebecca Riggs at the America Project interviews with Matt Neck, Executive Director of Unauthorized. A non-profit organization. In this engaging discussion, Matt sheds light on the purpose and impact of the Coalition of Candidates, a dynamic network initiated by Patrick Byrne in May 2021. This coalition, comprising candidates from various states, aims to empower and support candidates in winning elections and becoming effective public servants for their constituents. Notable success stories include Mike Brown, Dorothy Moon, Christina Karamo, Chuck Gray, and Diego Morales, who have assumed key leadership positions within their respective GOPs or as Secretaries of State. The primary focus of the coalition is to promote election confidence, ensuring that every voter, regardless of political affiliation, gender, or ethnicity, can trust that their votes are accurately reflected in the election results. Through extensive education initiatives led by Mark Cook, the coalition is equipping citizens with a comprehensive understanding of the election ecosystem, including registration, verification, tabulation, and reporting processes. By engaging with election officials, boards of supervisors, and the public, the coalition is working tirelessly to restore faith in the election system. Thanks to the generous support of the America Project, which funded their efforts from December 2021 onwards, the coalition has conducted over 45 informative forums across the country. Be part of this movement to reclaim trust in our elections. Watch the video now and discover how you can contribute to building a more confident and transparent electoral process.